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Etf Investors Start Sniffing For Value In High Yield -

February 12, 2015

That is not to say that you should immediately abandon bonds altogether they still play a vital role in a balanced asset allocation structure. Rather, it may make sense to start sniffing out area with less interest rate risk or other attractive characteristics. One area of the bond market that is starting to perk up once again is high yield issues. According to recent data from a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research report, high yield bond funds around the world attracted more than $3.6 billion in net inflows for the week ended February 4.

ETF Preview: ETFs, Futures Higher on Possible Greece trading centralĀ“s ETF trade alerts Debt Deal -

The benchmark first identifies top five developed and top five emerging markets that have the highest year-over-year GDP growth in the two most recent quarters. Highest GDP growth signifies improving revenues. It assigns 10% weight to each country and then screens for the top 10 revenue producing stocks from these selected countries. This results in a broad basket of under 100 global securities with the energy sector accounting for one-fourth of the portfolio.

RevenueShares Global Revenue Weighted ETF Hits the Market - ETF News And Commentary - Yahoo Finance

Production from ongoing operations averaged 357,000 boe/d, up 6% from 2013. Liquids production averaged 141,000 bbl/d, up 7% over 2013. Commodities Crude was down 1.21%. United States Oil Fund ( USO ) was down 1.16%. Natural gas futures was up 1.04%.

Draper Talks ETF Index Construction - Yahoo Finance

Buying the largest, most liquid companies in an index is cost-effective, said Draper. EQAL is not even two months old and already has nearly $47 million in assets under management and charges just 0.2% per year. Watch the video below to see the full interview. To view past video interviews, visit our video section . ETFs

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