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Obama Picks State's Psaki To Head White House Communications - Abc News

February 20, 2015

Obama refuses to use the terms "Islamic" and "Terrorism" in the same phrase - CBS News

But Psaki would no doubt also be involved in helping shape the White House message on the myriad international issues confronting the president, including Ukraine, Israel, Iran and the Islamic State militants. Palmieri is part of a White House exodus of top advisers. John Podesta , who served as counselor to the president, also stepped aside to take a senior role in Clinton's expected campaign. And senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, an Obama veteran from his first presidential campaign, has announced he is leaving. Obama replaced Podesta with Brian Deese, a veteran White House aide and a deputy director in his budget office.

Obama Gets Update on Search for Presidential Library Site - ABC News

The neighborhood was crucial in the African-American labor movement. Obama also is expected to announce designation of Honouliuli National Monument in Hawaii, the site of an internment camp where Japanese-American citizens and prisoners of war were held during World War II ; as well as Brown's Canyon National Monument in Colorado, a 21,000-acre site along the Arkansas River popular for whitewater rafting. The White House said the three new monuments "help tell the story of significant events in American history and protect unique natural resources for the benefit of all Americans." The 203-acre Pullman site includes factories and buildings associated with the Pullman Palace Car Company, which was founded in 1867 and employed thousands of workers to construct and provide service on railroad cars. While the company employed a mostly white workforce to manufacture railroad passenger cars, it also hired former slaves to serve as porters, waiters and maids on its iconic sleeping cars. The railroad industry and Pullman in particular -- was one of the largest employers of African-Americans in the United States by the early 1900s. Pullman workers played a major role in the rise of the black middle class and, through a historic labor agreement won by the Brotherhood of the Sleeping Car Porters, they helped launch the civil rights movement of the 20th Century, the White House said.

The president declined to label al Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ( ISIS ) "Islamic terrorists," and he's taking some heat from critics. " The notion that the West is at war with Islam is an ugly lie ," said Obama. "And all of us, regardless of our faith, have a responsibility to reject it." President Obama was criticized for refraining from using the term "Islamic terror," but he is not unlike President Bush in the aftermath of 9/11. CBS News At a White House conference on violent extremism, Mr. Obama appeared to take pains to separate Islam from terrorism. Critics fault the president for not labeling the terror Islamic, and at a private Republican gathering in New York Wednesday night, former mayor Rudy Giuliani went even further.

Obama to Designate 3 National Monuments - ABC News

Obama stopped by his family's home on Chicago's South Side while in town to designate a national monument and campaign for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's re-election. The Barack Obama Foundation, a nonprofit, is choosing from four universities that made the short list. The White House said the board chairman, Marty Nesbitt, and other members of the foundation team briefed Obama on Thursday. But a foundation official said no final recommendation was being made to the president. The official wasn't authorized to comment by name and requested anonymity. The University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, Columbia University in New York and the University of Hawaii in Honolulu are competing.

Obama names Clancy Secret Service director -

Hide Caption 1 of Obama student loan forgiveness application 8 Joe Clancy, new Secret Service director 8 photos Clancy talks with students in Detroit during a youth leadership and mentoring luncheon in May 2010. Hide Caption Joe Clancy, new Secret Service director 8 photos Clancy, right, walks with the first family after they attended church in October 2009. Hide Caption 3 of 8 Joe Clancy, new Secret Service director 8 photos Clancy left the Secret Service in 2011 to become the head of corporate security at Comcast, but Obama asked him back to assume the interim director role in October. Hide Caption 4 of 8 Joe Clancy, new Secret Service director 8 photos Clancy, right, holds the door for Obama during a trip to the Vatican in July 2009. Hide Caption Joe Clancy, new Secret Service director 8 photos Clancy, far right, discusses security measures aboard Air Force One in April 2009. Hide Caption Joe Clancy, new Secret Service director 8 photos Clancy holds the door for President George W.

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